Do you want to play a team sport? Are you not afraid of a physical game? Are you looking for a fun team?

Then join the Rugby Club Wageningen! RCW is looking for new, enthusiastic rugby players. Both the man and woman team consists of a mix of students and non students. Every Tuesday and Thursday we train from 8 pm – 10 pm, which is concluded in our club house, De Stal. Almost every Sunday we play matches which are also concluded with beer, singing and laughter with the opponent.

Does all this sound good to you? Or would you like to join our annual trip, parties and diners? Mail us! If you don’t have any experience you can join our intro trainings, which will start March 15th. In four weekly trainings you will be ready to join the regular team. You’re Always welcome to join the training, participation in the introdution training is not compulsory.

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We will see you at the training!

Are you new in Wageningen, Ede, Veenendaal or anywhere in the region?
New here, even for a few months?
Looking to try out something that is both exciting and social?
Well then, feel free to train and play rugby with us at Wageningen Rugby club.

We are an international club which bases itself on the principles of rugby as clubs from around the world define them: Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship. Originally formed from students at our very international university, the club is still a place for players from all around the world to play the beloved game. We pride ourselves on our open attitude to anyone, even Dutchies and we have (had) players from, Argentina, Australia, Belgium Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Scotland,Wales, Spain, USA, you name it and they have probably played here!

On the field the rugby is played with no shortage of passion and love for the game. After the game, the fun continues into our clubhouse with drinks, singing and other activities that you have to come and see to find out about. We have a large selection of men who train fanatically, with a first XV team consisting of a mixture of enthusiasm, experience, students and locals alike. The hardworking group of coaches ensures that everyone learns the basic rugby skills and tactics whilst also keeping us fit and operating as a team. Currently we are in the third division but working tirelessly to reach a higher level. This year has seen a large group of novices find their way to the RCW-pitch. Also, the first youth members moved on to the team. During the season we always make time for new people who want to join and learn more about rugby.

And it’s not just for the men; Ladies are also more than welcome at rugby club Wageningen. Our women’s team is currently active in the league, and formed their own team again since 3 years ago! Before they were a combination team with Arnhem and Doetinchem. If you feel that playing games is a step too far, we also have a growing group of ladies who only train and do not yet play matches. Every 2 weeks, all the ladies of the WAD team train in Wageningen. On Tuesday you will therefore find a group of about 25 rugby ladies at the Zoom. On Thursday the adults train mixed, with the focus more on the technical aspects than the physical.

Away from the pitch, we organize a number of social activities, like watching rugby, dinners and the always memorable Christmas party. The seniors (both men and women) go everyyear on tour to pass on the goodwill of Wageningen Rugby club. This allows us to gain invaluable experience of both playing against foreign opposition and watching rugby of ahigher level, whilst having a good time of course.

But don’t take our word for it come and meet us at the club and find out for yourself.

Training is every Tuesday (08.00h PM) or Thursday (08.00h PM).
We have our pitch and club house at sport park “de Zoom”, Zoomweg 6 in Wageningen.

See you soon!

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