September 13th starts the introductioncourse Rugby: Tackle a real sport!

Are you looking for a teamsport? aren’t you afraid for some contact? Do you fancy some fun and a nice third half?

Than you should try rugby! Rugby Club Wageningen invites you, ladies and gentlemen. Our teams are exits of students and non-students with different nationalities. Every Tuesday and Thursday training will start at 8pm. and end at 10pm. Afterwards we drink and talk in our clubhouse ‘De Stal’. Most Sundays we we play our matches which always end in a third haf with drinks, songs and ‘gezelligheid’.

So come and tackle a real sport and try our introductioncourse. Certainly when you never have played rugby before. The introduction starts September 13th and will show you the ropes in 6 weeks. These will start at 7:30pm at Sportpark de Zoom. Zoomweg 6, Wageningen.

Form more information mail:


We see you there!

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